30-Day Rented or Free Guarantee

If we are unable to lease your home in 30 days or less, we will list your property for free!

How It Works

Every Northern Virginia real estate investor’s worst nightmare is having an unrented home for any period. Any day an investment property isn’t rented is negative cash flow and lost income. You’re watching money leave your bank account when a paying tenant isn’t in your property.

That’s why we guarantee to find a tenant in 30 days or less, or we will rent the property for free. Our guarantee gives you peace of mind that we’re working diligently to find a quality tenant in the shortest possible time.

Every home doesn’t qualify for the 30-Day Rented or Free Guarantee. Here are the conditions to see if your home qualifies for the program:

  • The home must be vacant.
  • The home must be ready for tenants.
  • The 30 days begin from the day the home is move-in ready.
  • The home must be a pet-friendly property and allow a minimum of 2 approved pets.
  • 30-Day Rented or Free Guaranteed must be included in the original rental listing agreement.
  • The rental price must be an amount agreed upon by both the owner/landlord and Ask A Walker.
  • Owner must agree to a 1% list price reduction to go into effect on day 15 if no qualified tenant has been selected for the property.

19 Step Rental Marketing System

Included with our guarantee is our 19-step Rental Marketing System. This system ensures that property investors in Northern Virginia have a quality tenant in 30 days or less.

Here are the steps to marketing your rental property:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Photos
  3. Yard Sign
  4. Property Description
  5. Post to MLS
  6. Post to 3rd Party Websites
  7. Secure with Real Lockbox
  8. Print Flyers
  9. Show the property
  10. Manage Appointments
  11. Take Applications and Fees
  12. Collect deposit
  13. Verify Income, Employment, and Credit History
  14. Present Applicant Findings to Landlord
  15. Prepare Lease
  16. Complete Final Walkthrough Inspection
  17. Key Turnover to Tenant
  18. Deliver Deposit and Initial Payment to Landlord
  19. Remove Sign, listing from MLS and 3rd party websites

Lucky for you, all these steps do not require your presence and can be handled electronically with a couple clicks of a button. Our goal is to make sure that this process is as stress-free as possible.

What If I Don’t Qualify for the Program?

If you don’t meet the qualifications for our 30-Day Rented or Free Guarantee, you can still hire us to market and find a quality tenant in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of hassle to you.

Here’s a list of some scenarios that do not qualify for the 30-Day Rented or Free Guarantee:

  • Tenants are still living in the property.
  • Property repairs performed on the property during the marketing period.
  • Landlord ignores market stats and chooses a rental list price that exceeds anything the real estate market has seen.
  • Landlord is unwilling to agree to a 1% rental list price reduction on the 15th day of the Rental Listing Agreement.

How much does this service cost?

We charge one month’s rent for our 19 Step Rental Marketing System. There is no additional cost for signs, photos, or 3rd part website postings.

19 Step Rental Marketing System does not include the 30-Days Rented or Free Guarantee. There is a $150 retainer fee to participate in the 30-Day Rented or Free Guarantee program.

Use the following Real Estate Agent Fee Calculator to determine the cost of the service for your property.

How to get started?

Complete the form below to start the first step in getting your property rented. We’ll conduct a market analysis on your property to determine how much rent you can get for your investment property.

The market analysis will include a phone consultation to verify the condition of the property, discuss past or planned updates, and confirm when the tenant will be vacating the property. You’ll receive your Market Analysis with 48-hours of the phone call consultation.

  • How much rent can you get for your investment property?

    Use our rental valuation form to receive your rental market analysis showing you how much you get for your rent for your investment property in today's market.

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