Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Report February 2018

Lorton Home Sales 2009

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The following table contains the top 20 single family home sales in Northern Virginia for February 2018.

NOVA Top 20 Single Family Home Sales February 2018 
7853 Langley Ridge Rd8/10.2$5,450K94.8%282
1125 Ormond Ct6/6.2$2,205K93.8%187
6138 Tompkins Dr6/6.2$2,080K96.1%136
4626 Dittmar Rd N5/5.1$1,960K98.%112
1821 Oakland St N5/4.1$1,640K97.9%130
1700 Crescent Ln6/5.2$1,600K97.%265
3117 1St St N7/6.1$1,590K99.4%149
918 Frederick St Sw6/5.1$1,575K98.7%48
6517 Elmhirst Dr6/5.1$1,575K100.%301
3104 Dinwiddie St5/4.1$1,545K99.7%171
7869 Southdown Rd5/4.1$1,540K100.%246
1119 19Th St S5/5$1,537K100.8%0
607 Valley Dr Se6/6.1$1,535K100.%0
628 Kings Cloister Cir5/4.1$1,510K100.7%130
9069 Tower House Pl5/4.2$1,495K93.4%74
2112 Belle Haven Rd4/4.1$1,460K100.%0
1813 Quantico St N5/3.1$1,450K96.7%163
2748 Stream Vista Ct4/4.1$1,440K96.%369
4534 25Th Rd N5/4.1$1,430K98.3%180
613 Rivercrest Dr6/6.1$1,410K94.3%81
6211 Randall Ct6/7.1$1,400K93.3%982

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